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Thought for the day ~ Monday 8th August 2022


St Dominic was born in 1170 in Castile and became a canon of the cathedral in Osma. He joined Bishop Diego de Azevedo in a mission of preaching against the Albigensian heresy that was pervading southern France at the time. He always tried to live simply and always resorted to preaching and persuasion in his arguments. In 1216 he founded the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans) dedicated to saving souls by this same preaching and persuasion technique.

The Dominicans put great importance on poverty, both of the community and the individual. They believed in the need to be involved directly in the world while living some form of monastic life. Dominic died at Bologna on 6 th August 1221.

In today’s Gospel, we hear the encounters about payment of the temple tax involving Peter and Jesus. Using a miracle Jesus resolves the potential conflict in order not to give offence. I think the scenario gets us to think about the trivial things in life that sometimes get us worked up and stressed and result in us expending a lot of unnecessary energy and effort.

Jesus wisely gets us to not get ourselves too worked up about such situations and gives us clear guidance about such things.

Fr David





Parish-wide Groups:

Knights of St Columba


More info...

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Society of St Vincent de Paul

More info....

 The August meeting of KSC Burnley Council 110 will be held on Monday 15 August at 1930. This one week postponement is to enable participation in the funeral of Fr Jennings’s whose body will be received into St. John the Baptist, Padiham for concelebrated Mass on Monday 8 August at 1900.
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New Neighbours Together, the charity supporting asylum seekers based at St John's Church, was presented with The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Mrs Christine Kirk DL, at a ceremony at County Hall, Preston.
New Neighbours Together



(please read carefully)


Returning to Mass at Pentecost

Spring Plenary 2022 Resolution

An invitation from the Bishops of England and Wales

This is the bread come down from heaven (John 6:58)

A beautiful hallmark of the Catholic faith is the profound desire to participate in the Holy Mass and share in the Eucharist. We do so with deep gratitude and joy. The Eucharist gives the Church her identity – “The Eucharist makes the Church, and the Church makes the Eucharist.” It enables us to worship Almighty God, to support each other on our journey of faith, and to be a visible sign of faith in the world. This hallmark is supported and strengthened by the precept that our fundamental Christian duty is to worship God by participating in the celebration of Mass. Attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days is the greatest of all privileges, sometimes referred to as “the Sunday Obligation.”

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, until the present time, we have shared with you our judgment that the situation of the last two years has meant that the Sunday Obligation has been impeded and has needed to be fulfilled in other ways. We thank God that this situation has now changed. The pressing challenges of the pandemic have lessened significantly. Most people have resumed the wide range of normal activities, no longer restricted by the previous Covid measures. We therefore believe that the reasons which have prevented Catholics from attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation no longer apply.

We understand there will still be some members of our congregations who, for reasons of health, do not feel safe enough to return to Mass. It has always been the understanding of the Church that when the freedom of any Catholic to attend Mass in person is impeded for a serious reason, because of situations such as ill health, care for the sick or legitimate fear, this is not a breach of the Sunday Obligation.

Our Catholic people and parishes have benefitted during these difficult times from the online streaming of Mass and other services. “Virtual viewing” of Mass online does not fulfil the Sunday Obligation. It may, however, be a source of continual spiritual comfort to those who cannot attend Mass in person, for example those who are elderly and sick, for whom the obligation does not apply. In this context, we recognise gratefully the ministry of those who administer Holy Communion to the elderly, sick and housebound.

We are grateful to our clergy, religious and lay faithful who have served our parishes, schools and communities with dedication and distinction throughout this pandemic. Now we look forward with renewed faith and confidence.

In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Lord’s Supper, the Lord Jesus entrusted to us the precious gift of Himself. With humility, we glory in being a Eucharistic people for whom attendance at Mass is essential. Looking forward to the forthcoming feast of Pentecost, we now invite all Catholics who have not yet done so to return to attending Mass in person.

As the Church needs the witness of the presence of each person, so too each believer needs to journey in faith and worship with their fellow disciples. Nourished by our encounter with the Risen Lord Jesus, fed with His Word and His Body and Blood in Holy Communion, and supported by the presence of each other, we receive strength week by week, to serve the Lord and glorify Him with our lives.

Approved by the Plenary Assembly of the Bishops’ Conference
Friday 6 May 2022




Blessed Trinity RC College are returning to the Burnley Mechanics Theatre next month with a production of The Little Shop of Horrors. Tickets available from the Mechanics box office or on line, even using the QR thingy.
littleshopofhorrors With Ticket QRv2
There's a lot happening with the KSC and the 110 Club.  Have a look at the KSC page.
Check out a couple of other updates.

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 St Mary's is back open  -  yay!!  :-)




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Burnley Catenians - 50 Years Membership Presentation

Burnley Catenian Circle Past President, Aidan Stockton, was enrolled as a member of the Association in August 1970. However, because of the COVID pandemic, it was not possible to present his 50 years membership scroll in the usual manner in August 2020.

Face-to-face Circle meetings only resumed in late 2021 and arrangements were made to present the scroll to Aidan, a former teacher at St. Theodore's School, at the September meeting. Brother Eddie O’Donnell, Immediate Past GB National President, was invited to make the presentation as he would have done in his year of office.

Unfortunately, Aidan was unwell and unable to attend the meeting and, sadly, he died in October 2021 without ever receiving his scroll.
To ensure that Aidan's valued membership and service was marked in the correct way, invitations were made to his daughter Gill and granddaughter Aimee to receive the scroll and miniature on behalf of the family at the February Circle meeting held at Burnley Football Club.



Aidan's daughter Gill and granddaughter Aimee

receiving the scroll from Province 10 Director Mark Conroy


Following the presentation, which was made by Mark Conroy, Director of Province 10 and a member of Burnley Circle, Mark asked everyone to stand as he proposed a toast to Aidan and absent friends.

On receiving the 50-year Scroll, Gill said she would take it to her mother, Sheila, where it would take pride of place in her room.




Burnley Catenians have started their social activities again after a hiatus of two years.

In recent weeks, the Circle has:

  • Reintroduced the monthly meetings and meals at Burnley FC;
  • Beaten Accrington Circle to each the semi-final the Regional Snooker competition (played at KSC 110 Club);
  • Attended a Provincial weekend in York;
  • Held an end of Circle year meal at the New Waggoners where retiring President Jim Livesey was presented with a print of a mini rally car (Jim is a motor sports enthusiast);
  • Planned a Curry Night in May at the Usha (all welcome);
  • Organised a theatre trip and meal at the Mechanics in July.

Escrick Mar 22bend year mar 22 end year present Mar 22  Curry Night May 22  Musicals July 22



Burnley Municipal Choir


will perform


at the Mechanics, Burnley

 on Saturday 9th April at 7.00pm


The concert is dedicated to the people of Ukraine.

Tickets £15, under 18 £6.50 available on the door or

from Mechanics Box Office 01282 664400, www.burnleymechanics.co.uk





Rosary Rally for Ukraine


Mark our seminarian and the other seminarians at Oscott College are walking round their grounds 100 times in order to raise funds for CAFOD to support Ukraine. They are also incorporating the Rosary into their sponsored event. They have asked for our support, please see poster below.

We include the Just Giving link should anyone be kind enough to donate a few pennies.

100 laps of the grounds is no mean feat!


Oscot 680t







There is an extended article on the KSC page about the Burnley KSC Council's Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Campaign. 




The first of this years Deanery Lenten Station Masses will be celebrated in the Good Samaritan Parish at St Johns 7pm March 24th and there is a request for all who enjoy singing or playing an instrument to gather and lead our music.

Meeting at 6pm on the same evening will give us a chance, yes you've guessed it, to ensure we are all singing from the same hymn sheet! You are very welcome.





Pope Francis Announces Day of Prayer and Fasting for Ukraine


Click here to go the the article on the Diocesan website






LogoParish Appeal in support of Lepra for World Leprosy Day

29th & 30th January


Watch this short video:



 Click below and double your donatation at no extra cost!


If you don't wish to donate online there will be a collection at both Christ the King and St John's this week-end






Mark Conroy, a member of Burnley Catenians, has been elected as the Catenian Association Great Britain National Vice President.  He begins his one year term of office in April 2022 and will become Great Britain National President in April 2023.

Mark is Managaing Director of Conroy Electrical and is married to Maxine and they have two children.


conroy crop



Parents of Children Preparing to Celebrate Their First Holy Communion

Eucharist 3 100 

Please click on the attached link, which will assist parents of children preparing to celebrate their first communion in the coming days and weeks. This is in lieue of the normal parents meetings that have been cancelled due to covid.






LogoParish Appeal for Lepra, 29th & 30th January


At the end of the month it will be World Leprosy Day and the parish is mounting an appeal on behalf of Lepra, the charity caring for those with leprosy.

Please click here for further information.

(NB scroll down to the bottom of the Lepra page, where you'll see a handy QR Code which you can use to donate :-)


A short film (2m 40 sec) about what Lepra is doing to combat leprosy


 Click below and double your donatation at no extra cost!


If you don't wish to donate online there will be a collection at both Christ the King and St John's that week-end




Carmine’s thought for the day ~ Tues 18th January 2022

I would like to thank all parishioners for the warm welcome I have received during my placement here at the Parish of the Good Samaritan. I have enjoyed getting to know the town of Burnley and meeting the parishioners. Fr David and Fr Damien have been a great asset and I have learned a lot from them, much of which I will use in the future. Furthermore, I would to thank them for their hospitality, generosity and support. I was told before I came, that the people of Burnley are kind and down to Earth and this has definitely been my experience of you.

During the last two weeks, I have visited the sick and bereaved as well as helped to arrange other sacraments like Baptism. I have really enjoyed serving on the altar at parish Masses including a number of funerals. I have also been involved in working with a visiting school group to St John’s church. In addition to this there are lots of other things which I have been involved with.

It has been a privilege to see “behind the scenes” at the life of a priest and all that goes on in a parish. This placement has passed very quickly and am saddened to be leaving now. Thanks again for everything and please keep myself and the other seminarians for our Diocese in your prayers.







Burnley is working on a new Cultural Strategy - WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU !

 Culture means lots of different things to different people - it’s part of our everyday lives - it’s about the things we enjoy doing - making our lives richer, meaningful and happier.

To help you think more about culture and what it might involve; ( not including Sport and Fitness)

 “We all do it - we all need it - even if we don’t know we are doing it - From Museums to Galleries, Theatres to Concert Halls to the local Pub, Television to Film, Festivals to Mela - in our homes, at school, at the community centre, places of worship - on your own, with others, out in our parks and countryside. From Drama to Dance, Pop to Classical to Folk, HipHop to Ballet, Rapping to Beat Boxing, Stand Up Comedy to Spoken Word, Poetry to Storytelling, Disc Jockeying to Drawing, Painting to Pottery, Knitting to Crocheting, Book Clubs to Flower Arranging, Digital Art to Photography, Fashion to Design, Architecture to Crafting, Sculpting to Singing, Karaoke to Tattooing, Playing in a Band to Gaming and Digital Creativity. Culture is in everything we do - part of our life choices - an expression of who we are - our desires and hopes - it’s what makes life enjoyable”

What we want to hear about from you?: 


 or contact please contact Anthony Preston directly - 

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please reply by Friday 17 February 2022 

  1. What do you like to get involved in?
  2. Where do you get involved - on your own, in a group, with others?
  3. What do you get out of it?
  4. What do you think of what’s on offer on Burnley at the moment?
  5. What’s good and bad? 
  6. Is there anything stopping you from getting involved?
  7. What would you like to see more of in Burnley ?
  8. Your name? ( if you want it included)
  9. If responding on behalf of a group - who are you?
  10. If a group involved in culture - tell us about what you do and what your especially proud of?



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CAFOD Christmas Update - Click Here



KSC logo 80

 The (almost) Annual KSC Christmas Raffle was drawn on Monday.  The results are shown on the KSC page.



Afghanistan - Please Pray and Give

PrayerForAfghanistan 640


CAFOD/DEC Afghanistan Appeal

Please give as generously as you can:






KSC Council recently recognised the acheivements of two members - see the KSC page for more detail.



Synod 180

 Universal Synod


Down-to-earth explanations of the very worthwhile Synodal project....


Journeying Together



What is this Synod?

Tuesday, 7 December 7:00pm-8:00pm but register for catch-up link later


Come along to an interactive panel discussion about the Synodal Pathway in the Catholic Church in England and Wales, as we respond to Pope Francis' call and start to listen, reflect and discern where the Holy Spirit might be moving us. Find out how you can get involved in your parish and diocese. With Synod experts Fr Jan Nowotnik from the Catholic Bishops' Conference, Dr Pat Jones from Durham University and Francis Stewart from CAFOD.

Register to join us

Many parishes have already commenced or about to commence their synodal journeys. We hope this online discussion will be helpful to everyone interested in the Synod and inspire more people to get involved in their parish and diocesan journeys.

Please forward this invitation to anyone you think might be interested – your family, friends in the parish, your parish priest, the Synod facilitators in your parish. All are welcome. Feel free to share the registration link on social media too.

Remember that if you can't attend live, you can still register and watch it on catch-up and share the link with others afterwards.




A Lovely Letter to Fr David, Fr Damien and All Parishioners

from Frs Emmanuel and Clement:


Dearest Brethren,

May the peace and blessings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be with you.

To be honest we lack words to express our gratitude to the members of Good Samaritan Parish Burnley for all the demonstration of love and affection fr Clement and I received from you. Words are not enough but we will continue to pray for each and every one of you.

It was really overwhelming as the cards poured in, emotional expressions, gifts of all kinds and so much coming from all the three churches. We will not forget you as we will carry you always in our hearts and prayers.

Blackley is not too far from Burnley and we will be very delighted if any of you visiting Manchester decides to drop by for a cup of tea or coffee in our much more humble presbytery.

Thank you, thank you and thank you.


Yours sincerely


Frs Clement and Emmanuel.





Burnley Catenians celebrated their Centenary (albeit 12 months later than expected) with a banquet at Turf Moor.   There were 136 diners including guests who travelled from as far away as Southampton, Ascot, Stirling and Worsthorne.  The Mayor and Mayoress of Burnley and the Catenians National President were the principal guests.  The photo shows Burnley Catenian Brothers and the principal guests.

Circle and Guests 2a 2





Synod 180

 Pope Francis Calls Universal Synod

Pope Francis has called a Universal Synod which is taking place in every Catholic diocese across the world. The Synod is themed: "For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission". Our Diocese wants to  hear from as many people as possible, those involved in the church and those who are not.


For more information, click here





Petition urges government to take action on religious persecution


The Diocese of Salford is highlighting an annual campaign to fight religious persecution for Christians around the world which returns this week with a special focus on women and young girls.

Red Wednesday is an annual initiative from Aid to the Church in Need that aims to highlight the daily suffering, oppression, violence, torture, and death endured by the Christian community the world over.

This year, Aid to the Church in Need is highlighting the plight of women and girls in particular, who in many parts of the world live under the constant threat of kidnap, forced marriage and conversion, rape, and sexual enslavement.


For further information see:






CAFOD logo

 CAFOD Page updated: click here for more details



We're looking for a couple more people to help out with live streaming Mass every other Sunday.

It's interesting, it's easy, good on the job training given, bags of support!

Contact Mike Morris on 07929 451 566


email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






St. Mary's Church Update


We received some encouraging news, although St Mary's church unfortunately remains temporarily closed. A new architect has been appointed to the project and over the next few weeks up to Christmas is carrying out the essential background checks and assessments that are particularly necessary for a listed building such as St Mary's church. He has also produced a works schedule which would see the necessary internal and external repairs beginning simultaneously on the second week of January. This is scheduled to be completed by the end of February and we envisage reopening in early March in time for the start of Lent. We will continue to keep you informed through the newsletter and through this website. 









Our very own Good Samaritan Parish CAFOD Group, who are urging action at COP26 to save the earth feature in a Burnley Express article just published.


newsboy 146954 100

Read all about it!




We have been asked to put this on the website as it is felt some parishioners may find this cause to be of interest and may wish to support it:


"Please consider signing the petition "Support the Amess Amendment" on CitizenGO. This is to ensure access in emergency crime scenes by priests / ministers to the severely injured and dying. A priest was not allowed to adminster the sacraments to Sir David Amess. It would have been so important to him. Catholics and non-catholics alike have criticised the decision.


AmessMP pic


"It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:

Support the Amess Amendment | CitizenGO

"The brutal murder of Sir David Amess, the Conservative MP for Southend West, has reverberated across the world. This appalling act was an attack on Western values of democracy and freedom. One disturbing detail emerging from this tragedy was the news that Sir David, a devout Catholic, was denied the comfort of a Catholic priest as he lay dying."





Update to CAFOD Page -


Harvest Family Fast Day latest and update to COP26 letter to our local MP/List of Signatories


Click here to see





Last weekend Fr David announced that that our wonderful Vincentian Fathers have been asked by their Superior and by Bishop John to take up a new mission in the Diocese. Therefore by 12th November, Fr Emmanuel and Fr Clement will have been transferred to the parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St John Bosco in Blackley in North Manchester, which is already being run by the Vincentian Fathers.

We are very grateful for the joyful ministry of Fr Blaise, Fr Emmanuel, Fr Lawrence, Fr Benneth and Fr Clement which has greatly enriched and blessed our Parish here in Burnley over the last four years and more. We have really loved having them among us with their missionary charism and their desire to serve the poor and needy. They have made a major contribution and a lasting impression upon us all.

We know that the Vincentian Fathers will be greatly missed and their leaving will bring some questions and uncertainty. However please be assured that Fr David and Fr Damien are fully committed to doing their very best to serving and leading the Parish of the Good Samaritan. As we have planned for this eventuality, we are confident that the parish can continue to grow and flourish. We thank you for your continuing support, understanding and cooperation and ask your prayers for your priests during this time of change.





Trafficking and modern slavery


See the Caritas page for links to videos and stories on this ongoing evil which destroys the lives of many men, women and children.


Click here for more details




Fr Emmanuel & Fr Clement


We are most sad to learn that we are to lose Fr Emmanuel & Fr Clement in November as they are being transferred to another parish by bishop John. No doubt the other parish's needs are even greater than ours but neverless we are very sorry to see them go.

Like our other Vincentian Missionary priests before them, they have made a terrific contibution to the life of our parish and we have been well blessed to have had the benefit of their enthusiasm, dedication and service to us.

May God go with them to their new challenge; they will remain with us in the form of happy and grateful memories.






Update to CAFOD's letter to our local MP, Antony Higginbotham:


The letter has just been updated and will be circulated more widely throughout Burnley communities.


Click here to view




Just in - our new 'Items of Interest' page kicks off with a home-grown,

internationally acclaimed football genius from our very own parish,

someone you may have never even heard of ...


Click here to learn more




cafod 20logo 350x240


The parish CAFOD group tried unsuccessfully to arrange a meeting with our local MP regarding the upcoming UN Climate Conference in Glasgow, COP26. The meeting was going to involve group members, pupil representatives from our parish schools and other interested parishioners or constituents. Since Antony Higginbotham is unable to meet us, as a group we have decided to write a letter urging him to ensure our UK Government leads by example and helps secure a just climate deal for all the world. We think it is very important that he knows the views of his constituents and we are hoping parish groups or parishioners will add their signatures to this letter:


 Please have your name added as a signatory to this letter (below), to do so contact Paul Carney, a member of the CAFOD group, by email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Letter to Antony Higginbotham for COP26

(updated 20/10/21)


Dear Antony Higginbotham MP

Re – A just and binding climate deal at COP 26

As you are aware, the global UN Climate Conference in Glasgow will shortly be taking place. We are writing to you to express our strong belief that it is crucial to the survival and flourishing of our planet for future generations that world leaders agree at COP 26:


• A realistic, achievable plan to tackle climate change, in particular, to prevent exceeding the 1.5°C rise in global average temperature above pre-industrial levels.

• A binding commitment to take whatever actions are necessary to implement that plan.

• That the plan and actions ensure that the most vulnerable and poorest communities in the world are protected from the worst effects of climate change, as it is these who have contributed least to global warming. This must include a properly funded, global climate mitigation fund to enable those poorest countries that are worst affected by the climate crisis to adapt to a rapidly changing environment and develop sustainable energy sources.


We ask that you bring our concerns to the attention of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Alok Sharma (President of COP26) and the Government as a whole. As hosts of COP26, we ask that they offer leadership to other countries and set an example for others to urgently act by slashing our carbon emissions, stopping all funding of fossil fuel projects at home and abroad and provide adequate finance to the UN Climate Fund. These will help save our planet and give our children and grandchildren a sustainable future.
In our plea, we are inspired by Pope Francis and Rt Rev John Arnold, Bishop of Salford, in our commitment to look after our common home and to hear the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor.

“Climate change is a global problem with grave implications: environmental, social, economic, political and for the distribution of goods. It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.” (Laudato Si, 25 – Pope Francis’ encyclical, 2015)


Yours sincerely


Dominic Aunger - Chair of Good Samaritan Parish CAFOD group.

Anne Marie Coppock – Treasurer of Good Samaritan Parish CAFOD Group

Paul Carney – Member of Good Samaritan Parish CAFOD Group

Fr David Featherstone - Parish Priest, Good Samaritan Parish.




From This Week's Burnley Express...

Burnley kindness for Afghan refugees shines through


Our parish gets a very positive mention in this week's edition of the Burnley Express. As one of our parishioners noted, people "opened their hearts and their hands to reach out to care for their fellow humans in need."


Read all about it here



Beat the Street is a free community wide initiative coming to Burnley with the aim to get residents walking, cycling, running, exploring the area, discovering new places and opportunities whilst boosting their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Beat the Street turns towns into giant games and it comes to Burnley for six weeks from Wednesday 15 September. To earn points, win prizes and discover more about your area, you quite simply pick up a Beat the Street card from one of the distribution points and tap Beat Boxes across the Area.

All the schools in Burnley will be taking part.

The Burnley webpage and opportunity to sign up is now open!



Beat the Street





Afghan Refugee Appeal—WHAT A RESPONSE!

AfghanAppeal Sorting
Caritas Salford requested that we collect goods for the displaced people. The parish joined forces with New Neighbours Together, the refugee charity that does so much of its excellent work from St John’s premises.

What followed was amazing! Firstly, our volunteers—a lovely group of parishioners, from teenage to ‘don’t ask!’, all our church communities, received, labelled, and stacked so much stuff! We had three lines of tables running the length of St John’s Parish Hall stacked, below and above up to shoulder height! It was five hours of intensive work, all done with great spirit and fun. Thank you all so much, and well done!

Our other volunteers were refugees who set the room up, and came to load up the van(s) to take the goods to Caritas’ depot in Manchester. They were non-stop-go! So much committed effort and at such speed! (Amongst them were a young couple who had brought goods from a mosque nearby, who stayed and got stuck in as well!) This reflects the spirit of the ‘project’ throughout.

On Friday and Saturday people came in their droves to bring their donations, from all part of our local community. There were lots of different schools, churches, mosques and other local charities from across East Lancs. All of these people were like the other hundreds of individuals who came with goods. They shone out with their kindness, generosity, and real wish to help their unknown ‘neighbours’ from the terrors of all that we have seen going on in Afghanistan.

We were also greatly assisted by three local organisations: Furniture for Education Worldwide (FEW), Calico and Emmaus who all offered transport to take the goods to Manchester. In the event the huge FEW van took the lot!! This itself felt like a miracle—the more we put in, the space never diminished until it was full!! Thanks to all three organisations.

But the greatest gift that the people and volunteers brought was their kindness, generosity, their loving care and concern for people in need. They opened their hearts and their hands to reach out to care for their fellow humans in need.







The Knights of St Columba have published details of the 2021/22 Youth Competions. For more details please see the KSC page on this website.



Just In...


Bishop John was on the phone yesterday morning to appoint Fr David as the new Rural Dean of St John Vianney Deanery in succession to Fr Simon Stamp who has this week been moved from Accrington to Manchester. Fr David feels honoured to be asked to become Dean and is very pleased to know that he was nominated for the role by several of the priests of the Deanery. It comes just as he just finished his diocesan vocations role which he had done for over 15 years.

He counts on your continuing support and prayers as he takes on this new role.


Congratulations to Fr David!




Update to yesterday's notice:


A chance to help financially or donate items to refugees arriving in the North West:






Concerned about the plight of those seeking refuge from the turbulent, dangerous situation in Afganistan?

Wish you could do something to help?

See this page on the diocesan website.






LiveStreamTeam 180

 It's not difficult -

in fact it's easier than you may think!help button 100

Can you help out?




Our live stream is a vital connection - and sometimes the only one - for many of the people in the parish, who, for whatever reason, cannot get to Mass on Sundays. We need someone to join the streaming team for an hour or two every other Sunday. Full training given. It's not so hard and it's a new skill, a new insight into how we live stream services.

Also, from time to time we need help mid-week, (for funeral Masses, weddings, etc), again an invaluable service, broadcast to many at home and abroad If you unable to commit to a Sunday, are you sometimes available during the week on an ad hoc basis?

If you think you may be interested and would like to know more, please contact Mike Morris on 07929 451 566 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Logo trans 120

 Burnley Catenians


To outline what the Catenians do and the benefits Parishioners can get out of it by joining, a short informative video has been produced. It can be viewed by visiting https://youtu.be/RtKf41p1jwA

For more information about the Catenians you can contact the Burnley Circle Membership Officer, Mick Armfield, on 01282 459424. Please give him a call. It's a great organisation to be part of.





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