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 hundred 3835735 200balloons 4246383 200Happy 100th Birthday to Alf!




Alf, a member of the Christ the King community for many years, will be 100 years old on June 28th!

Many parishioners will know Alf, and be aware that he is considered to be a great Knight of St Columba. In the course of his long public service he was a local councillor and a school governer. During this period, at a time when Catholics in general were under-represented in public life, Alf encouraged young Catholics to enter Public Service, which many of them did.

We'd like to wish Alf all the Very Best - if any parishioners would like to send Alf a card you can do so by sending it to him C/O St Mary's Presbytery, 3 Todmorden Rd, Burnley BB10 4AU and we will ensure the cards reach him.










Welcome to Recorded Mass:


28th June 2020

Saints Peter and Paul Apostles

Father David, St Mary of the Assumption, Burnley


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Our Parish Prayer

Heavenly Father, as your Son became the Good Samaritan to help us through our fallen times, we pray that with your help and guidance our parish family will grow and flourish.

Help us to see the world through your eyes, and to stay on the right path to help those who are in need.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord.



From 14/6/20 - Sunday Morning Mass Organist: Francis Ashworth, organist at St Mary of the Assumption, Burnley

Week-day Public Domain Church Music courtesey of https://www.timeforworship.com/ Organist: Clyde McLennen

 Today's Homily - Father David

Each of the two saints, we celebrate today, is important for different reasons. Peter is important because he was the first Pope (and like a rock, solid in faith) kept the early Church united through its time of rapid growth following Pentecost. In the first years after Pentecost it was Jews who accepted Jesus as the Saviour and so the early Church was a very Jewish Church. But as time went on Paul began to preach also to non-Jews, the Gentiles as they were called. It is because of Peter and Paul that we are now in the Church.


If you give someone a key to your home, it is a sign you trust them and respect them, because you are giving them authority and also freedom to let other people into your home and keep out those who should not be admitted. Simon the Fisherman from Galilee, impetuous but deep-down with great goodness and love for God and Jesus. Whenever you see a statue of St Peter, he usually is holding a key, symbolizing his duty as head of the church. In today’s Gospel we heard Jesus ask the question about who he is and its Peter who spoke up and said that he is the Christ the Son of the Living God. Jesus then knew that these words had been given to Peter by His Father so he then goes on to give him a new name “Peter” and to that Simon is to be called Cephas meaning rock. He “gives” Peter the keys of the kingdom of Heaven and he is to become the rock on which he will build his Church.

As well as the solid rock of Peter’s faith to be the foundation of the Church, the Lord also needed someone to go out to the world and to bring the Good News to the non-Jews. Therefore needed a great missionary... Saul was well educated coming From Tarsus one of few places in world at the time with a university. He had a strong fiery personality and as a Pharisee was very committed to his Jewish faith. In his early life he channelled that fire towards persecuting the Christians in Jerusalem.


Paul also had the strong personality needed for that daring challenge and the insight to see that faith in Jesus and obedience to the Church was required for salvation. Statues of St Paul depict him holding the Bible, symbolizing his preaching. In today’s second Reading, we hear how he is reflecting on his life of having found the right track in life; he has run the race, kept the faith and he has mainly done this through his missionary activity of bringing the Gospel to those who had yet to hear it. Three times Paul set out from Syria, where he was based and preached all over what we now call Turkey, and in his second and third journeys he preached all over Greece also. He is obviously also appreciated for his writings to the various churches he established and these form a significant part of the New Testament. Although not one of the Twelve Apostles we call him an Apostle of the nations.


As we look at the personalities of Peter and Paul, we see that God called them to use their personalities to spread the Gospel, The Lord used the impetuous love of Peter to look after the flock. In the same way he asked Paul to use his confidence, learning and training as well as his strength of character to ensure that the non-Jews would be welcomed into the Church. It is a reminder to us that our talents and our weaknesses too can become God’s means of helping others, if we allow it. We don’t have to be perfect for God to work through us, God can work through us, weaknesses, and all, as he did with Peter and Paul