Christ the King

Community Gathering - Notes

Summary of Christ the King Community Gathering May 2019

  • There was a discussion on developing singing during the liturgy. This will be discussed further at the next meeting
  • Information on these meetings including time, date, agenda and summaries will be printed in the newsletter and uploaded to the website. The summary will also be read out at the mass prior to the next meeting to keep the time and date fresh in everyone’s mind
  • The risk assessment for the use of the house has been completed and no urgent action is required, but there are one or two points that need clarification on what our insurers and current legislation requires
  • The trip to Buxton was well attended and we are still looking for ideas for further walks, coach trips, theatre trips etc. An informal family fun day was suggested, probably to be held in Towneley Park, and this will be discussed further
  • It is proposed to prepare some parish community meetings during Advent. This was discussed at some length and a clearer view of what shape these meetings will take and where they will be held will be developed at the next meeting

The next meeting will be held in the house on Wednesday 19thJune  at 7.15pm and as usual everyone is welcome to attend.

Please remember that these are our meetings, and are helping us to make Christ the King a real community of people that care about their Church and parish.

We have been holding these meetings for 12 months now and we have seen results from all our efforts.



Christ the King

Community Gathering - Notes


Notes from Christ the King Community Gathering Monday 16th April 2019

We met as usual at the presbytery. Present were Fr David, who led the opening and concluding prayers, and eight parishioners.

Among the things we discussed were -

Update of Website – it appears to have been very well received. It’s still growing, still developing and still open to new ideas as to what parishioners want.

One of the nice things about our website is that it is maintained and developed by a small team of volunteers, a few parishioners from each of the three parishes, none of whom had any direct previous experience but who rather bravely put themselves forwards and are doing very well indeed.

We discussed how the website might become more widely known and several suggestions were put forwards, including contacting other relevant websites, such as the Salford Diocese website, and asking them to put on a link to ours.

Social Events – a number of ideas are being pursued, including a theatre trip later this year. There is obviously some appetite for events, witness the Day Trip out to Buxton, which is now fully booked. It was unanimously agreed that any future events we organise will be open to all three churches.

Use of the Presbytery – despite being away a lot recently Brian has almost finished the Risk Assessment on the presbytery and will be sharing the results with Fr David in due course. This is an important step in making sure the house gets as much usage, safely, as it can in the future. We will also be looking at security measures for when the house isn’t in use.

A suggestion from one person present that we hold a short series of three discussions or reflections, of a maximum of an hour each, on:

1. What does it mean to me as a person to be a Catholic?
2. What does it mean for me as a Catholic to be part of a parish?
3. How do we as a Church interact, respond to and influence the world?

We are still working on this idea but if anyone would like to come along to the events, or is interested in planning them then please see Bill Horrocks or Mike Morris

Finally, the next meeting of the Christ the King Community Gathering will be this coming Tuesday, 14th of May – all are very welcome indeed. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas! Thank you.

Christ the King

Community Gathering - Notes

 Thursday 14th March 2019

Summary of Christ the King Gathering on Thursday 14 March 2019.

Fr David attended the gathering and various topics were discussed.

Inspired by Bishop John’s recent pastoral letter and in response to Pope Francis’ call to care for creation and to pass on a healthy planet to our children’s children we hope to host a Global Healing screening in the presbytery. This includes a short film produced on behalf of the Bishops’ Conference. We would need a volunteer or volunteers to arrange this event. If anyone would like to be involved, please see me after Mass for more information.

Our new joint website should go live this weekend – please have a look at it.

We plan to arrange a trip to the theatre once we find a suitable performance.

The next gathering is in the house on Monday 15 April at 7.15 and everyone is very welcome to attend.

Thank you.

Wednesday, 6th February 2019


Eight people from the parish attended.

A contact form is now available under the notice board in the church porch to advise of any sick or lonely parishioners who would appreciate a visit. Anyone is welcome to complete a form and pass it to one of our priests. The person to be visited will need to have agreed to receive a visit. 

Progress continues on the risk assessment on the house.

The last board and card game session had to be cancelled because of the weather. The next session will be held on Tuesday 19 February.

Possible social events were discussed.

We have now set up a small library of Christian books at the back of church on the windowsill next to the notice board. Please feel free to take a book, read it and bring it back. If you are able to donate a book so others can share it, thank you, and simply put it on the windowsill.

The next gathering is in the house on Thursday 14 March at 7.15 and everyone is welcome to attend.

Thank you.