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The Parish of the Good Samaritan Burnley

including the churches of

Christ the King with St Teresa's, St John the Baptist and St Mary of the Assumption


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Christ the King -

A Few Photos,Then & Now


 Scroll down for larger-sized static photos with captions

With thanks to Wendy Thompson for forwarding most of these photos to the website

Thanks also to Lawrence Gregory










Nearly built, just putting the finishing touches! (circa 1936)


















The Grand Opening -

left to right:
Father Herbert Bolger (PP Christ the King)
Fr Thomas Duggan (Bishop’s Secretary)
Bishop Thomas Henshaw
Fr William J. Sewell
Provost Tynan (PP St Mary’s)
(with thanks to archivist Lawrence Gregory for putting names to faces)
















The inside of Christ the King church as it was






















 The original altar






















How the inside of Christ the King is now -

note the pews instead of individual seats,

and the altar and crucifix suspended above it







 CtK Church





  Christ the King church from the outside as it looks now -

it won't win any architectural design awards but

its congregation is warm, friendly & beautiful!