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Firstly, the parish CAFOD group want to thank everyone for their continued generosity during CAFOD’s Harvest Family Fast Day, whether you donated through offerings given to Anne Marie Coppock or made direct to CAFOD online. However, the need is still great, so in this light and after discussion with Fr David, anybody wishing to contribute to CAFOD’s Harvest Family Fast Day by cash or cheque can still do so. Please label an envelope of your own “CAFOD” and leave it in the collection baskets/boxes at the rear of any of the three parish churches. The parish JustGiving page will remain open, so if you are able to make a donation then please follow the link

You can also continue to make donations direct to CAFOD online





CAFOD held a number of Fast Day events online to mark the Harvest Family Fast Day weekend. These started with primary and secondary online assemblies on Thursday 8th October and finished with an hour of prayer and reflection on the evening of Sunday 11th October, which featured reflections by Bishop John Arnold on Pope Francis’ summer catechesis ‘Healing the World’ and his new papal encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti’. There had been a Fast Day talk on Friday morning featuring dialogue with CAFOD’s International Programme staff, who shared details about how coronavirus is affecting some of the most disadvantaged Communities around the world, with a particular focus on Brazil. There is a recording of the highly informative Fast Day talk, which can be viewed by following the link below:


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                                                Pheng at work in her rice field


CAFOD’s campaign action continues to be centred on debt cancellation. CAFOD, along with other campaigning groups such as Jubilee Debt Campaign, Global Justice Now and Christian Aid, are asking world leaders to “cancel the debt” of the most heavily indebted poor countries. Many of the world’s poorest nations are not only dealing with this health emergency, but are also facing unimaginable financial hardship because of the global economic slowdown. The quickest way to deal with this worrying financial outlook is to keep money in developing countries by cancelling debt payments now. The campaign was ramped up to proceed several virtual international meetings of finance ministers and other finance officials. 

Campaigners stand outside the Treasury, calling on the Chancellor to cancel unjust debt.

These meetings took place between 14-19 October 2020, when the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank annual meetings took place, as well as the G20 finance ministers’ meeting. The good news is that the G20 finance ministers have agreed to suspend debt payments for the poorest countries for another six months, but stopped short of cancelling any debt, which would allow many of these countries to better recovery from the financial crisis that the pandemic has caused, not to mention better tackling the physical health implications. Therefore, the fight continues to urge world leaders, the IMF and the World Bank to cancel the debt of the most heavily indebted poor countries. Meanwhile private lenders, such as commercial banks and financial asset funds have refused to suspend or cancel any debts. The poorest countries will be paying approximately $3 billion per month to these private lenders during the global pandemic, money they desperately need to fight the effects of Coronavirus. For the very latest on this campaign, click on the links below:

  Cancel debt poster


The current online CAFOD campaign petition is focused on the climate crisis and the UK Government continuing to fund fossil fuel projects overseas. As you are fully aware, we are living in a climate emergency. Climate change is already pushing poor and marginalised communities further into poverty. We need to act now to renew God’s precious gift of creation and ensure that everyone can flourish. We must ensure that world leaders take urgent action to limit the rise of global temperatures. That is why CAFOD are calling on our government to put an end to UK support for fossil fuels overseas and to shift support to renewable energy instead. Please join CAFOD to demand that the Prime Minister shows true global leadership by ending all UK support for fossil fuels overseas. This is particularly important as the UK is hosting the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November 2021 and we should therefore lead by example. To sign the petition, follow the link below:



As we approach the time of year when we remember our deceased family members and friends, CAFOD also remembers deceased supporters and volunteers through memorial services and Masses. At this time, late October and early November, CAFOD promotes its free will writing service for people who wish to leave a gift for CAFOD’s work in their own wills. Leaving a gift in your will to charity is a wonderful way to reach out to future generations and help people affected by poverty and injustice live life to the full.

CAFOD’s will guide gives tips for writing a will and suggested wording for a legacy gift. They have a free will-writing service for supporters: face to face with a solicitor through the Free Wills Network or over the telephone with the Co-op.

For further details, follow the link:


Finally, this year marks the 60th anniversary of the first Family Fast Day. It was inaugurated pre-CAFOD by the National Board of Catholic Women (NBCW). They raised money to fund a mother and baby clinic in Dominica as there were many malnourished and sick babies in Dominica at the time. To mark the 40th anniversary of the first Fast Day, Elspeth Orchard and Jacqui Stuyt, who helped organise that very first Fast Day, unveiled a commemorative icon of “Mary Magnificat”, pictured below:

Start of CAFOD 




An item of interest.


Social Justice Conference: How can we secure justice for victims of modern slavery?


A CSJ Social Justice Conference Event.





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Harvest Family Fast Day

Firstly, the parish CAFOD group want to thank everyone who has generously donated to the parish JustGiving page for the CAFOD Emergency Coronavirus Appeal or donated through offerings given to Anne Marie Coppock. The need is still great so the JustGiving page will remain open, so if you are able to make a donation then please follow the link:


You can also continue to make donations via Anne Marie or direct to CAFOD, by cheque or online:


This Harvest Family Fast Day we are unable to distribute the envelopes at the three churches of our parish, therefore, the collections will be postponed for now. However, the Good Samaritan CAFOD group want to keep you informed of everything that CAFOD has planned online for the Harvest.

This is a “Harvest like no other” as many families face chronic food shortages, malnutrition and poverty as the result of coronavirus. With your support, CAFOD can help people all over the world rebuild their lives.

So this Harvest, CAFOD are launching a series of online events around Family Fast Day from 8-11 October so that we can come together and bring hope and help to those who are most in need. There is something for everyone, join with your school, parish or friends and family. They will also be holding a live online Mass on 9 October.

To register for these events and further details, just follow the link below:


The above link also takes you to the page where there is a short film showing how your donations are helping our brothers and sisters in need to survive, rebuild and heal during the Covid-19 crisis. Our fellow sisters and brothers always need our prayers and CAFOD have produced a Harvest Family Fast Day prayer:

“God, who called you out of darkness into his own marvellous light.”

1 Peter 2:9 

God, you call us out of darkness. 

May we hear your voice in the cry of our brothers and sisters in crisis.

As you walk alongside us always,

may we walk beside one another 

listening and responding in love. 

Shine the light of your compassion through us, dispelling chaos, fear and despair. 

Breathe hope and courage into all our hearts 

as we work together to rebuild once more.

Strengthen us, Lord, and keep us steadfast. 

Bring healing and comfort to all 

and lead us renewed into your marvellous light.

We ask this through Christ our Lord,


 Finally, CAFOD’s latest campaign action is asking world finance leaders to cancel the debt of the most heavily indebted countries. Many of the world’s poorest nations are not only dealing with this health emergency, but are also facing unimaginable financial hardship because of the global economic slowdown. The quickest way to deal with this worrying financial outlook is to keep money in developing countries by cancelling debt payments now.


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Between now and October, CAFOD want you to send them a photo of you creatively displaying the words, ”Cancel The Debt”. They are collecting photos of supporters from across England and Wales, and will put your photos together in October to send a message to world leaders that it’s time to #CancelTheDebt. For further details of how to get involved just visit the website:




Memories of times past with St Johns CAFOD Group

Veronica, daughter of Mary Summers sent me this photo of the ladies from our CAFOD group taken some years again.

They are wearing bespoked CAFOD Pinnafores, with the logo embroderd by Mrs Marslands daughter Geraldine. Since then the pinnafores have worn out and been replaced but we reused the logo and they are still in use today.

Unfortuanely we do not know what event was taking place.

The ladies are – left to right

Betty Ball, Catherine Hayes*,Eileen Ennis, Monica Atherton*,Mary Summers*, Louisa Cook*, and Mary Marsland*

 *The star indicates a deceased member – May they Rest in Peace.

CAFOD Ladies in Pinifores 2

amc 22/09/2020




Tomorrow a panel of expert will present online CAFOD response in South Sudan, Lebanon and Yemen. You are invited to our online event. Could you please share the information in your network of friends?


The greatest challenge to achieving sustainable development


Tuesday 8 September, 7pm-8pm


Join us to hear from a panel of CAFOD international staff whose areas of expertise are Yemen, South Sudan and Lebanon and who will be sharing how CAFOD is responding to the multiple crises impacting these particular countries.  


Register to join us.



If you missed the recording detailed, below you can view it by clicking on the link shown highlighting by Webinair  CAFOD’s response to Coronavirus across the world – with some really insightful and inspirational contribution from Matthew Carter and Jo Kitterick. You can view the webinair by clicking here




Details of a virtual session with CAFOD. Sorry this is a little late, but hit the link below to register it will be a very interesting session.

This week I would like to invite you and your family to our online event this Thursday.

Could you please share the information in your network of friends?

Previewing Harvest Fast Day: CAFOD’s response to the coronavirus

amc 2/09/20


Thursday 3 September, 11am-12pm

Join us to hear the latest on CAFOD’s response to coronavirus around the world from

Matthew Carter, Head of Emergency Response and get a preview of Harvest Fast Day from Jo Kitterick, Head of Fundraising and Participation.

Register to join us.

amc 2/09/20


 I look forward to sharing our stories and experiences with you online.

If you would like to ge a personal invite to these sessions in future, please contact

Fulvio Ornato at CAFOD HQ mail: on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

amc 2/09/20


COVID-19 CAFOD Response Update 27th Aug. 2020

CAFOD’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic through its partners overseas continues at pace, from supplying PPE to clinics in Zimbabwe and El Salvador to emergency food packs for vulnerable families in Brazil and Kenya. Thanks to the generosity of communities around England and Wales, the Coronavirus Emergency Appeal Fund now stands at over £2.5 million, but the need it still urgent. Many thanks for the latest generous donations of £220 from our parish, which have been forwarded to CAFOD Head Office. For further details of how funds are being spent, follow the link:


Our parish Good Samaritan JustGiving page is still open for donations to the Emergency Coronavirus Appeal, just click on the link below to donate online:


On the campaigning front, there will be an online webinar on debt injustice – “Stories from our partners: Zambia and debt”. To register for the webinar follow the link below:

amc 28/08/2020  

The webinar or talk is part of the CAFOD campaign petition which is urging the Prime Minister to ensure the UK supports not only those in need at home, but also overseas who are struggling to cope because of the effects of the pandemic. The struggles of some countries in Africa, Asia and South America are further compounded because of heavy debt burdens, with some countries paying more in debt repayments than they spend on health and education combined. To get further involved in this debt campaign, visit the link below:

amc 28/08/2020



CAFOD's Response to COVID-19 - 14th Aug.2020


The Covid-19 crisis is still deepening in many parts of the world and CAFOD is doing its utmost to stand alongside our sisters and brothers in most need. CAFOD is providing vulnerable families with handwashing stations and information on how to keep safe. We’re supporting frontline workers with protective equipment, medical supplies and training. And we’re working hard to ensure that the coronavirus crisis does not mean people go hungry. The need is great. Volunteers are fundraising in new ways for our Coronavirus Appeal.

We are inspired by those taking on virtual pilgrimages or challenges to raise money and grateful to everyone who’s donated what they saved on missed coffees or haircuts. Can you help us by reaching out to family, friends and fellow parishioners? You can find some new fundraising ideas here at a Summer of Hope Just Giving page.

However, please ensure all your fundraising is done adhering to social distancing regulations and any locally applied restrictions.

As we approach the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation on September 1st, do see our

Novena of Prayer to St Francis - nine brief and beautiful reflections asking St Francis of Assisi to pray for us and our world.

Harvest Fast Day has been moved to Sunday 11 October this year. CAFOD will be trialling some contactless donation points in some parishes.

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, please consider signing the latest CAFOD online petition for the world to unite in its fight against the Coronavirus. The petition is directed at the Prime Minister asking him to ensure the UK supports not only those in need at home but also overseas who are struggling to cope because of the effects of the pandemic. Follow the link below to sign: Thank you for your continued support in these challenging times.

Stay safe and God bless.


Zim Hospital


Ladies in Zimbabwe working through our partners in a local hospital making masks needed to combat the Covide 19  pandemic

added 19/08/20 amc



 23rd July 2020 

Burnley constituents part of first Virtual Climate Lobby


A small, but committed group of Burnley constituents took part in the first virtual mass lobby of Parliament. Three members of Good Samaritan Parish CAFOD group met with their MP, Antony Higginbotham, as part of the Climate Coalition’s “The Time is Now” online lobby of MPs, calling for a greener, more just recovery from the global pandemic.

Anne Marie Coppock, David Ross and Dominic Aunger met with Antony Higginbotham at the end of June via Zoom. The online lobby was part of the Climate Coalition’s national campaign, which encouraged people across the UK to meet up virtually with their MPs to let them know the time is now for our politicians to put people, climate and nature at the heart of our nation’s recovery. The Climate Coalition is a coalition of many different charities and organisations, such as Oxfam, Christian Aid, CAFOD, Greenpeace, National Trust, the WI and the WWF, campaigning to urge the UK Government to help combat the global climate crisis.

CAFOD key volunteer and one of the three constituents Dominic Aunger said:

“During the virtual lobby, we wanted to ask Antony Higginbotham to press the Government to unleash investment in climate and nature-friendly infrastructure so as to create jobs and support millions out of the recession; put nature on the path to recovery at home and abroad; as well as support the most vulnerable at home and abroad.

“This year needs to be a turning point where world leaders urgently reframe their thinking for the years ahead and recognise that eradicating poverty, tackling the climate crisis and restoring our natural environment are all interconnected”.

Last year Dominic and his daughter visited London to take part in the biggest mass lobby of Parliament, where over 12,000 people gathered as part of the Climate Coalition’s event to press the Government to tackle the climate crisis. Last year over 330 MPs were lobbied and this year’s virtual lobby has so far reached over 250 MPs. During their online meeting, the group stressed how the climate crisis has even affected the Burnley constituency, with increasing incidences of flooding, particularly in Padiham. However, the biggest impacts of this crisis are seen in the global south, where changing weather patterns have led to crop failures and extreme droughts in countries who have contributed least to global emissions.

Shortly after the lobby, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced around £3 billion of investment to cut emissions in the UK. £2 billion of this investment has been allocated for home insulation grants. These announcements were welcomed by the climate lobbyists, but they now want the Government to invest even more in a greener recovery and ensure the UK stays on track to reach net zero emissions by 2045. This is particularly important as the UK ought to be an example for other nations to follow, as it will be hosting the UN Climate Conference next year in Glasgow.


TTIN Vitual Lobby 2 2

A very grainy picture of the 3 participants

meeting Virtually with Mr Higginbotham MP

amc 27/08/2020