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The Caritas Salford Home Page (see above to click to see it) has been updated with a variety of information, including the national End Poverty Coalition.

And, very importantly, you will find a link to donate directly to CAFOD's emergency relief fund in respect of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.



Caritas Sunday is January 29th. The "Impact Report" has lots of interesting information in charts and pictures by way of a look back and reflection on everything that has been achieved by staff and volunteers over the last 12 months.

Click here for the Impact Report

Click here to watch as Bishop John speaks about Caritas Sunday

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There are two sets of information added to this webpage for December. The first is about the Caritas #BeeThere Advent Appeal, with links to festive information relating to Caritas in the diocese. The second is about chocolate!


Here's the first:




Click here to see the advent appeal

Wow!  Thank you so much to everyone who has shared our #BeeThere appeal for Advent so far this year. More than 1,000 people viewed our short animation in just over a day when we launched.It's bee-rilliant to see everyone coming together in support of communties we work alongside locally and pledging to #BeeThere for others too.  If you haven't already, will you please join us and 'bee' part of it this year?

We’re all busy preparing for the festive season.  A time for family, friends and loved ones, and for eating, drinking and being merry. 

But, the terrible reality is that in our area, over the Christmas period, thousands of local people will be facing acute crisis and urgently need our support. People experiencing homelessness, poverty, and isolation. Mums, dads, friends, neighbours. 

As the cost of living crisis deepens, any of us could find ourselves in a situation we’d never imagined could happen. Forced eviction, having to choose between eating or staying warm, facing a Christmas alone or sleeping rough.   

This will be the reality for thousands of people in Greater Manchester and Lancashire this festive season.   

That’s why we’re writing to you to ask - if you haven't already - if you will please join us by supporting our Advent Appeal this year.   


Will you please #BeeThere for someone who needs that bit of extra love and support this Christmas? 


Watch our animation to find out more



Animated bee holding sign which reads Over the Christmas period thousands of local people will be facing acute crisis. People experiencing homelessness, poverty, and isolation. Mums, dads, friends, neighbours. Will you bee there for them?



Your £10 donation could help us provide Christmas dinner for someone visiting our homeless day centres. 

Donating £60 today could help us provide a new outfit – top, bottoms, socks, underwear, hat, coat, gloves – to someone this Christmas to keep them warm and comfortable. 

Donating £105.25 could mean we can provide Christmas for an individual experiencing homelessness, isolation or poverty - a dinner with all the trimmings, pudding, crackers, a new outfit, a Christmas present, as well as one to one time with our team and a homelessness prevention surgery session too, so they can start the journey of transforming their lives with dignity. 


Please help us and #BeeThere for local people experiencing homelessness, isolation and poverty. 


If you would like to make a donation


Thank you for your ongoing support.  It makes a huge difference to the lives of those we work alongside in Greater Manchester and Lancashire. 

Visit the #BeeThere web page to download resources, watch the animation or donate


Bee waving against purple background. Text reads Thank you for supporting our Bee There appeal this Advent. Caritas Salford logo with hashtag Bee There

Click to make a donation to the #BeeThere appeal or set up a regular gift



 ***   A "change of gear now", from the #BeeThere Advent appeal, to ask - - - - -  ***                


Where does your chocolate come from?



No, not meaning which supermarket or shop, but going back much further than that in the supply chain, sometimes to the slaves who harvest the beans, still today.



Why was Tony Lonely?


                       Who is this “Tony”?

                                   and “How did it all start?

                                              and “What is its impact on the cacao industry?


To read about Tony’s Open Chain, and to get those questions answered,

Click here 

(When you get there click on its Tab "Other Stuff", then “Frequently asked questions”)


As you will have seen from that, Tony’s Open Chain is an industry-led initiative that helps chocolate brands transform their cocoa supply chains and become sustainability frontrunners.


Brands in some supermarkets have joined this Open Chain. For example look for large bars of chocolate by the name of Choceur's "Chocochanger" and Fin Carré's "Way To Go", or in some places just "Chocolonely".


The opened wrappers give a pictorial resumé of the 5 sourcing principles:-




 Tony's Open Chain - join in to change the norm in the chocolate industry .

On that website you can click to read the global slavery index (that is the worldwide picture of modern slavery) and read the details, or the summary, of the 5 chocolate sourcing principles as shown in the picture above.




JULY 2022

Click to help us support local adults and families in crisis



The difference your gift made to a young family in crisisIt is always lovely to receive a compliment, but when we know that our work has made a profound impact on someone's life and that of their family, we think you - our supporters - should hear about the difference your donations make."I was a resident here over 20 years ago and you did lots for me and my son.  We are now both doing great.  If it wasn't for Maryville [Caritas Salford's Young Parents' Accommodation in Blackburn], I don't know what I would have done.  I sometimes just walk past for the memories..." 
Click to find out more and support Caritas Salford's Young Parents' Accommodation

Please continue to keep those we are supporting at this difficult time in your prayers

Stay with us, Lord, on our journey.

“Caritas is the salt, the leaven and the light that provides a beacon of hope to those in need.”— Pope Francis
Click here to find out about the Big Sleep Out!




For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me.”    Matthew 25:40


Caritas Salford have published their latest Impact Report. It demonstrates the transformations in the lives of people in crisis situations, made possible by the support of our prayers, practical donations and financial gifts.

Click here to read the Caritas Impact Report for 2021


To donate to the vital ongoing work for those most in need in our communities,

Click here to donate



You might like to be added to the emailing list of Caritas Salford, to receive their latest stories. You can select from a list of types of information you would like to receive.

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Modefrn slavery helplineJANUARY 2022


 A little niggling suspicion you have about someone, or "something going on", or "something not quite right" may be just the piece of jigsaw needed to fit into the bigger picture and make action possible - to rescue someone from a dreadful life - and prosecution to prevent even more people being trafficked / exploited / enslaved.


Slavery is closer than you think - watch the 30 second Modern Slavery campaign TV advert

from 2014 to find out more


  • Always call 999 if you or the person is in immediate danger, if there’s no immediate danger, call the police on the non-emergency number 101
  • Lancashire Victims Services are available to offer help and support on 0300 323 0085
  • You can also call the national modern slavery helpline that offers 24/7 advice on 08000 121 700

·        You can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or report it online. When you contact them your identity will be protected




It has not gone away during the pandemic. Where are the victims now? How can we spot signs of it happening? We shall be putting information and personal stories on this Caritas page, and referring people to them from the parish newsletter.

The first link below takes you to a 7-minute video produced by the the Clewer Initiative of the Church of England, an initiative which is very active in this enormous problem. It gives an insight into the issue of slavery / exploitation. If you then look at the side of the screen, there are links to personal stories. 

 We See You: Modern Slavery in the UK - YouTube


Click here for Marek's story, for which we have his permission


Lancashire Police Modern Slavery Website











Afghan Refugee Crisis


27/8/21: The plight of refugees fleeing from the dreadful situation in Afghanistan has touched the hearts of many, not least here in the Parish of the Good Samaritan where some members of our parish community have launched an initiative, together with Caritas Salford and New Neighbours Together here in Burnley to help refugees now arriving in our region.


UPDATE 30/8/21 - the list of items urgently needed has just been updated:

to find out how you can contribute, please click here. Thank you.




Concerned about the plight of those seeking refuge from the turbulent, dangerous situation in Afganistan?

Wish you could do something to help?

See this page on the diocesan website.


Update 23/8/21:

A chance to help financially or donate items to refugees arriving in the North West: