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The Parish of the Good Samaritan Burnley

including the churches of

Christ the King with St Teresa's, St John the Baptist and St Mary of the Assumption


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Parish Coach Trip to Oscott Seminary

12th February 2023


Here are a few of the photos taken:


1 BuildingFront

Impressive front of building (dating from 1794)


2 Chapel

Seminary Chapel



3 Altar1




4 MadonnaChild

Madonna & Child (alabaster statue set on stone base in side chapel)



5 Confessional




6 Triptych

Triptych of Pope Benedict's visit to the seminary, September 19th 2010



7 PopesChair

Pope Benedict's Chair



8 Chair2

Fr Job & Maureen



9 Library1

The Seminary Library



10 Library2

The Library from above



11 Quadrangle

A quick snapshot of the Seminary's inner quadrangle taken through leaded windows during the tour



12 Vestments

 The seminary museum: there were a lot of exibits - here's just a few of them:



13 Carvings

Museum: 14th Century religious wooden carvings



14 Chalices

Museum: Chalices



15 Reliquaries

Museum: Reliquaries



16 Vespers

The group arriving for Vespers



17 GroupPhoto

Group photo - parishioners with some of the Seminarians