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The Parish of the Good Samaritan Burnley

including the churches of

Christ the King with St Teresa's, St John the Baptist and St Mary of the Assumption


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240623 12thSunOrdB P1

240623 12thSunOrdB P2

240623 12thSunOrdB P3

240623 12thSunOrdB P4



240616 11thSunOrdB P1240616 11thSunOrdB P2240616 11thSunOrdB P3240616 11thSunOrdB P4240609 10thSunOrdB P1240609 10thSunOrdB P2240609 10thSunOrdB P3240609 10thSunOrdB P4240602 CorpusChristiB P1240602 CorpusChristiB P2240602 CorpusChristiB P3240602 CorpusChristiB P4240526 TrinitySundayB P1240526 TrinitySundayB P2240526 TrinitySundayB P3240526 TrinitySundayB P4

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Pentecost Page 2Pentecost Page 3

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250512 SeventhSunEasterB P1250512 SeventhSunEasterB P2250512 SeventhSunEasterB P3250512 SeventhSunEasterB P4

240505 SixthSunEasterB P1240505 SixthSunEasterB P2240505 SixthSunEasterB P3240505 SixthSunEasterB P4

front pagepage 2page3page 4240421 FourthSunEasterB P1240421 FourthSunEasterB P2240421 FourthSunEasterB P3240421 FourthSunEasterB P4240414 3rdSunEasterB P1240414 3rdSunEasterB P2240414 3rdSunEasterB P3240414 3rdSunEasterB P4240407 SecondSunEasterB P1

240407 SecondSunEasterB P2

240407 SecondSunEasterB P3

240407 SecondSunEasterB P4 


240331 EasterSundayB P1240331 EasterSundayB P2

240324 PalmSundayB P1

240324 PalmSundayB P2

240324 PalmSundayB P3

240324 PalmSundayB P4


240317 5thSunLentB P1240317 5thSunLentB P2240317 5thSunLentB P3240317 5thSunLentB P4

240310 4thSunLentB P1 2

240310 4thSunLentB P2 2

240310 4thSunLentB P3 2

240310 4thSunLentB P4 2


240303 3rdSunLentB P1 1240303 3rdSunLentB P2240303 3rdSunLentB P3240303 3rdSunLentB P4240225 2ndSunLentB P1240225 2ndSunLentB P2240225 2ndSunLentB P3240218 1stSunLentB P1240218 1stSunLentB P2240218 1stSunLentB P3240211 6thSunOrdB P1 1240211 6thSunOrdB P2240211 6thSunOrdB P3


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