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The Parish of the Good Samaritan Burnley

including the churches of

Christ the King with St Teresa's, St John the Baptist and St Mary of the Assumption


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240218 1stSunLentB P1240218 1stSunLentB P2240218 1stSunLentB P3240211 6thSunOrdB P1 1240211 6thSunOrdB P2240211 6thSunOrdB P3240204 5thSunOrdB P1 1240204 5thSunOrdB P2 1240204 5thSunOrdB P3240128 4thSunOrdB P1

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IMPORTANT - please note that the Sunday evening Mass at Christ the King starts at 5:00pm, NOT at 5:15pm as stated below

240114 2ndSunOrdB P3

240121 3rdSunOrdB P1

240121 3rdSunOrdB P2240121 3rdSunOrdB P3240114 2ndSunOrdB P1240114 2ndSunOrdB P2240114 2ndSunOrdB P3240107 EpiphanyB P1240107 EpiphanyB P2240107 EpiphanyB P3 

The parish computer has broken down so only a limited newsletter this week again - sorry.

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231224 4thSunAdventB P1 

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231217 3rdSunAdventB P2231217 3rdSunAdventB P1231217 3rdSunAdventB P3231217 3rdSunAdventB P4231210 2ndSunAdventB P1231210 2ndSunAdventB P2231210 2ndSunAdventB P3231210 2ndSunAdventB P4231203 1stSunAdventB P1

 231203 1stSunAdventB P2

 231203 1stSunAdventB P3231203 1stSunAdventB P4

Please note that the Mass times given for the Second Sunday of Advent are incomplete;

Masses are at the usual Sunday times:

That is, Christ the King 9:15am and 5:00pm, St Mary's 10:00am (live streamed) and St John's 10:45am.


231126 ChristTheKingA P1231126 ChristTheKingA P2231126 ChristTheKingA P3231126 ChristTheKingA P4231119 33rdSunOrdA P1231119 33rdSunOrdA P2231119 33rdSunOrdA P3231119 33rdSunOrdA P4231112 32ndSunOrdA P1231112 32ndSunOrdA P2231112 32ndSunOrdA P3231112 32ndSunOrdA P4231105 31stSunOrdA P1231105 31stSunOrdA P2231105 31stSunOrdA P3231105 31stSunOrdA P4231029 30thSunOrdA P1231029 30thSunOrdA P2231029 30thSunOrdA P3231029 30thSunOrdA P4231022 29thSunOrdA P1231022 29thSunOrdA P2231022 29thSunOrdA P3 12231022 29thSunOrdA P4231015 28thSunOrdA P1231015 28thSunOrdA P2231015 28thSunOrdA P3231015 28thSunOrdA P4231008 27thSunOrdA P1231008 27thSunOrdA P2231008 27thSunOrdA P3231008 27thSunOrdA P4231001 26thSunOrdA P1231001 26thSunOrdA P2231001 26thSunOrdA P3231001 26thSunOrdA P4230924 25thSunOrdA P1230924 25thSunOrdA P2230924 25thSunOrdA P3230924 25thSunOrdA P4230917 24thSunOrdA P1230917 24thSunOrdA P2230917 24thSunOrdA P3230917 24thSunOrdA P4

230910 23rdSunOrdA P1230910 23rdSunOrdA P2230910 23rdSunOrdA P3230910 23rdSunOrdA P4230903 22ndSunOrdA P1230903 22ndSunOrdA P2230903 22ndSunOrdA P3230903 22ndSunOrdA P4230827 21stSunOrdA P1230827 21stSunOrdA P2230827 21stSunOrdA P3230827 21stSunOrdA P4230820 20thSunOrdA P1230820 20thSunOrdA P2230820 20thSunOrdA P3230820 20thSunOrdA P4230813 19thSunOrdA P1230813 19thSunOrdA P2230813 19thSunOrdA P4

 230806 TransfigurationA P1230806 TransfigurationA P2230806 TransfigurationA P3230730 17thSunOrdA P1230730 17thSunOrdA P2230730 17thSunOrdA P3230730 17thSunOrdA P4230723 16thSunOrdA P1230723 16thSunOrdA P2230723 16thSunOrdA P3230723 16thSunOrdA P4230716 15thSunOrdA P1230716 15thSunOrdA P2230716 15thSunOrdA P3230716 15thSunOrdA P4

230709 14thSunOrdA P1


230709 14thSunOrdA P2


230709 14thSunOrdA P3 


230709 14thSunOrdA P4



230702 13thSunOrdA P1230702 13thSunOrdA P2230702 13thSunOrdA P3


Please note that the heading (and only the heading) of Mass times below is incorrect,

it should read "Monday 3rd July to Sunday 9th July".

All the Mass times themselves are correct

230702 13thSunOrdA P4

230625 12thSunOrdA P1 


230625 12thSunOrdA P2


230625 12thSunOrdA P3


230625 12thSunOrdA P4



230618 11thSunOrdA P1230618 11thSunOrdA P2230618 11thSunOrdA P3230618 11thSunOrdA P4



230611 CorpusChristiA P1230611 CorpusChristiA P2 3


230611 CorpusChristiA P3230611 CorpusChristiA P4



Please note an incorrect date has been put on

the newsletter below for the Summer Sizzler,

it should say July 9th, not July 12th230604 TrinitySundayA P1230604 TrinitySundayA P2230604 TrinitySundayA P3 1

230604 TrinitySundayA P4



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