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The Parish of the Good Samaritan Burnley

including the churches of

Christ the King with St Teresa's, St John the Baptist and St Mary of the Assumption


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A Few Photos of St John's

(if anyone has any more they'd like to share we'd love to see them -

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 With thanks to Lawrence Gregory for supplying many of these photos


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{wookmark}images/StJohns/Photos/St-John-Burnley.jpg,images/StJohns/Slides/St-John-the-Baptist-Burnley-1_medium.jpg,images/StJohns/Slides/St-John-the-Baptist-Burnley-2_medium.jpg,images/StJohns/Slides/St-John-the-Baptist-Burnley-3_medium.jpg,images/StJohns/Slides/St-John-the-Baptist-Burnley-4_medium.jpg,images/StJohns/Photos/Fr-William-Shine-and-St-John-the-Baptist-Burnley-SVP.jpg,images/StJohns/Photos/LCC-at-St-John-TB-Burnley.jpg,images/StJohns/Photos/St-John-Burnley-May.jpg{title}Inside view of Saint John the Baptist Church pre Vatican 2,Outside Saint John the Baptist,Later view of the inside of Saint John the Baptist,Outside view of Saint John the Baptist,Choir section of Saint John the Baptist,Fr William Shine (PP 1902 - 1913) leading the SVP procession,Any idears what the LCC are/were?  This a picture of the LCC at Saint John's,Canon William Fletcher (PP 1930 - 1961) with May Queen exact date unknown - any ideas out there?{end-wookmark}



Saint John's Church and Clergy





 A group of clergy from St John the Baptist including Fr John Connolly, Fr Francis Cummins, Fr Frederick Watson,  Fr John O'Mahoney and Cannon William Fletcher with the Bishop of Salford.



PP FR william Wookey                        

Parish Priest Fr William Wookey

April 1897 - Aug 1901


 Fr William Shine0003

Parish Priest Fr William Shine Nov 1902 Nov1913


PP John Connors

Parish Priest Fr John Connors Nov 1913 - May 1922

 FR Edward byrne

Assistant Priest Fr Edward Byrne Dec 1919 - May 1927


Fr Goderic Kean

Parish Priest Fr Godric Kean Knight

Commander of the Holy Sepulchre

May 1922 - Feb 1923 Bishop of Cyprus


FR Henry Atkinson

Parish Priest Fr Henry Atkinson May 1923 - June 1928




Canon William Fletcher Parish Priest at St John the Baptist August 1930 to January 1961


fr John OMahoney

Assistant Priest Fr John O'Mahoney May 1927 - Jan 1936 

Died 21/03/1979 RIP

 Fr John McDonnell

Assistant Priest Fr C John McDonnell May 1939 - Jan 1942

Died 3/3/1984 RIP



Fr Maurice Evans

Assistant Priest Fr Maurice Evans Jan 1942 - Nov 1945 on loan from Diocese of Los Angeles

Fr John Connolly

Assistant Priest Fr John Connolly Nov 1945 - Oct 1955

Died 8th Jan 1985 RIP

Fr Francis S Cummins

Assistant Priest Fr Francis S Cummins

Oct 1955 - March 1957

Died 25 May 1980 RIP

Fr Frederick Watson

Assistant Priest Fr Frederick Watson March 1957 - Feb 1961


fr Thomas F Keegan

Assistant Priest Fr Thomas F Keegan Nov 1958 - Feb 1962

Died 5/12/1965 RIP


fr john p molloy

Parish Priest Fr John P Molloy Feb 1961 - April 1979


Fr Leon Morris

Assistant Priest Fr Leon Morris Feb 1962 - August 1962

Died 10/07/1994 RIP


Fr Brian Seale

Assistant Priest Fr Brian Seale August 1962 - September 1978


Fr Peter Kirkland

Assistant Priest Fr Peter Kirkland Sept 1978 - April 1981


Fr Keane

 Parish Priest Fr Patrick Keane 1979 - 1989



fr Peter Wilkinson

Assistant Priest Fr Peter Wilkinson March 1981 - April 1985

Monsignor July 1990



fr Heakin 1

Parish Priest Fr Leo Heakin 1989 - 1998


fr micheal 1

Parish Priest Fr Michael Waters 1998 - 2018



deacan J Anthony Clarke

Deacon J Anthony Clarke 1978 - 1983


Deacon Anthony Barry

Deacon Anthony Barry August 1988 - August 1989

Ordained 30th June 1990


Deacon Anthony Kay

Deacon Antony Kay 29th July - August 1990

ordained 29th June 1991


fr heakin

Left to right Andrew Stephenson alter server Fr Leo Heakin Parish Priest from Nov 1989 to April 1998  David Hill alter server



Fr Jack Mcquillian

Friend of the parish Fr Jack Mcquillan


Organist Bob Clegg

Bob Clegg Joined as chorister in May1935 untill 1937 became organist 1955 - 1956


Choirmaster Phillip E Doswell

Phillip E Doswell Choirmaster late1920 early 1930

Organist Nellie Bardsley

Nellie Bardsley Organist 1935 - 1954

Organist Derek Gill

Derek Gill Organist Dec 1956 - November 1962


Choirmaster and organist Terry Quinn appointed 9th December 1962 to present day

inside church

Interior of St Johns church looking towards the choir from the altar photo taken nov 1989


organ resized

 Same view as photo above however taken August 2019


war mem

War Memorial to remember the fallen of the 1914 - 1918 war

baptism font

Baptismal Font moved to this position around 1985


stained glass window behind alter

Stained glass window behind the high altar



sacred heart altar

Sacred Heart Altar Photo taken Nov 1981 this altar was replaced by the present one  between 1982 - 1989


our ladys alter

Side view of Our Lady's grotto built between 1981 - 1989

high altar pre Vatican II

High Altar pre Vatican II


first holy communion

First Holy Communion 1951


high altar

High Altar installed April1990


inside church r

High Alter and congregation taken from choir loft in August 2019



fr micheal

Farther Michael and sister Goderick


Boys Brigade 960

Brenda Hustler writes, photograph was taken in the junior school yard of Saint Johns church.  Parish priest at the time was Fr Henry Atkinson from 1923 - 1927, and the curate was Fr Edward Byrne from 1919 - 1927, so the picture dates from 1923 - 1927. My late farther-law is on the photograph. Seated centre are Jack Nelson, Fr Atkinson,Fr Byrne and John Larkin. The two men in uniform are wearing medal ribbons which signify that they had probably served and survived WW1

(many thanks Brenda for taking the time and trouble to let us know the history of this picture) 

Terry Quinn our choirmaster writes My grandfarther, James Adolphus Murray, was choirmaster during the war.  He is on this photo provided by Brenda Hustler. He is seated on the front row 5th from the left wearing a moustache. On his right is his son, Vincent Murry. His other son Leo Murray, is seated on the ground first from the left.

( Thanks Terry for your information it makes the picture come alive) 

sisters of Mercy

 Sisters of Mercy 1932

front row from left to right first  Sister M Patrick third Sister M Francis

back row from left to right  third Sister Mary Brendan seventh Sister Mary Kevin ninth Sister Mary Benignus 

 can you name any more?




Staff of Saint John the Baptist Infant School taken around June 1967

R to L Mrs Sheila Delamere Miss Beryl Kennedy Sister Mary Benignus Head Teacher Mre Maureen Shackleton Mrs Winifred Conroy Mrs Katharine Bibby



terry 2 re size




Terry and Shirley Quinn

The 10.45am Mass on 8th December was tinged with sadness, as Terry Quinn our organist and choir master was retiring from this role after 57 years of loyal service to Saint John the Baptist Church.

Following Mass conducted by Father Emmanuel, Father David on behalf of the congregation of Saint John’s presented Terry with a Papal Blessing and a cheque.

Terry’s wife Shirley is also retiring from her numerous roles within the church and was presented with a bouquet of flowers

Terry will be returning to play at midnight mass this year.

Looking forward to that Terry

Photographs of presentation 





A delightful picture of Fr Benneth with Cole James Evans and his parents Keeley, Adam and big sister on the occation of his Baptism on 1st March 2020 



rosie 1

A delightful picture of Rosie Farrow with her Mum, Grandmother and Great Grandmother at her recent Baptism conducted by Fr Emmanuel