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The Parish of the Good Samaritan Burnley

including the churches of

Christ the King with St Teresa's, St John the Baptist and St Mary of the Assumption


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St Mary's Photo Album


While some of the photos are self-explanetory, for many we have no descriptions other than the file names. Originally each photo was captioned by its file name and therefore many of them are in alphabetical order rather than date order.


If you recognise any of the faces in these photos, or can give us further details of any events or groups pictured here we'd love to hear from you!


With thanks to Lawrence Gregory for supplying these photos


Original High Altar 1



Altar 1

High Altar 2


Altar 3

 High Altar 3


Burnley0003 Interior of Saint Marys 1


 Interior 2

 Interior of Saint Marys 2


 Altar Boys 1 960

 Altar Boys 1 


Altar Boys 960 Altar Boys: 2

One altar boy in this photo has been identified by his son Raymond as Frederick Aloysius Pickles, front row, 3rd from the left.

He was born in 1900 and looks about 7 so the photo must have been taken about 1907.


Bishop Casartelli

 Bishop Casartelli, Bishop of Salford 1903 - 1925


Blessed Sac Procession 1932

 Blessed Sacrament Procession 1932



BpHollandAtBurnley 960

Bishop Holland, Bishop of Salford 1964 - 1983 


Canon Morriseys Funeral 1903

 Canon Morrissey's Funeral 1903 1


Canon Morriseys Funeral 1903a

 Canon Morrissey's Funeral 1903 2


For a 5 minute Mitchell & Kenyon film taken at the funeral go to:


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 CBB Burnley July 1914 960

Monsignor Tynan and a Saint Mary's football team July 1914

(Given that World War I started only a month after this photo was taken, the picture has a certain poignancy; one wonders how many of these young men were still alive four years later.)


Centenary 1949 960

Centenary 1949. The then parish priest Canon Ingram is 4th from the left on the front row and Fr Heaton, the senior curate is the first on the left on the extreme back row.


Children of Mary 960

 Children of Mary


Class Photo 960

 Class Photo


Clergy Group 960

 Clergy Group


Consecration Henshaw

 Consecration in 1929 by Bishop Henshaw, Bishop of Salford 1925 - 1938.





Exterior 1

Exterior of St Mary's 1


Exterior 2

Exterior of St Mary's 2


Exterior 3

 Exterior of St Mary's 3


First Communion 960

 First Communion


1930 First Mass of Fr V Farrel 960

 1930 First Mass of Fr V Farrell

Frederick Aloysius Pickles, the father of one of our current parishioners, Raymond Pickles, is featured on this photo;

he is the 3rd from the left on the back row, aged 30.

Fr Farrell is on the front row and is the Priest next but one on Monsignor Tynan's left

Raymond writes, "I was born in 1930 and, according to family tradition, was the first baby baptized by the newly ordained Fr. Farrell,

who was a close friend of my father's. They were both telegraph boys until Fr. Vincent went off to the seminary.

Apparently, he presented me on the high altar after the baptism. Luckily for me he didn't drop me!"


Golden Jubilee 1899

 Golden Jubilee of Saint Mary's 1899 1


Golden Jubilee 1899a

Golden Jubilee of Saint Mary's 1899 2


Golden Jubilee 1899b

Golden Jubilee of Saint Mary's 1899 3


Golden Jubilee 1899c

Golden Jubilee of Saint Mary's 1899. This picture could possibly be Bishop John Bilsborrow 1892 - 1903


Italian Community 960

Italian Community

 St.Mary of the Assumption Italian Procession


May Queen 1936

 May Queen 1936. Margaret Pickles a parishoner from St John the Baptist writes: the small boy sitting on the stool at the right hand side of the picture is my brother Raymond Pickles aged 6


May Queen a

 May Queen 


May Queen Nora Smith

 May Queen 1936


May Queen b 960

May Queen 


May Queen c 960

 May Queen Lillian Cowen


May Queen Lillian Cowen 960

 May Queen Nora Smith


Mens Group 2 960

 Mens Group 1 


Mens Group 960

 Mens Group 2.  Members of the Kights of Saint Columba.  The man second from the left on the front row is probably Frederick Pickles, father of Frederick Aloysius Pickles and Grandfather of Margaret and Raymond Pickles 


Nun and Tynan

Unknown Nun and Monsignor Tynan



Misc 0002

Ordination 1



 Ordination 2


Our Lady of Lourdes

 Our Lady of Lourdes


Picture2 960

Ladies Group


Picture49 960



 Presbytery and part of the Convent (can you see Monsignor Tynan?)


Procession 1906

 Procession 1906 1


Procession 1906a

 Procession 1906 2


Procession 1906b

 Procession 1906 3


Procession 1906c

 Procession 1906 4


Procession 1906d

Procession 1906 5


Procession Victoria Hotel

Procession Victoria Hotel


School Class 1905 960

School Class 1905


School Class 1946 960

School Class 1946


Townley Chapel

Townley Chapel - reredos untouched by Vatican II!


Turf Moor Mass for centenary of Restoration 5 Aug 1950

Turf Moor, Mass to celebrate the centenary of the building of the mother church in Burnley, Saint Mary's 5 Aug 1949


Whit 1933a

 Our friend and ace detective Mike Morris writes "The cinema in the background is advertising 'Alice Adams' staring Kathrine Hepburn.  The film wasnt made untill 1935." i am therfore changing the date on the following selection of photos to 1935 Many thanks Mike


Whit 1933b

 Whit Walks1935 2



Whit 1933c

Whit Walks 1935 3


Whit 1933d

Whit Walks 1935 4


Whit 1933e

 Whit Walks 1935 5


Whit 1933f

Whit Walks1935 6


Whit 1933g

Whit Walks 1935 7


Whit Walks1

Whit Walks 8 year uncertain


Whit Walks2

Whit Walks 9 year uncertain


Whit Walks3

Whit Walks 10 year uncertain


Whit Walks4

Whit Walks 11 year uncertain


Whit Walks5

Whit Walks 12 year uncertain


Whit Walks6

Whit Walks 13 year uncertain


Womens Guild 1956

Womens Guild 1956

Can you recognise any of the people in this photo?