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The Parish of the Good Samaritan Burnley

including the churches of

Christ the King with St Teresa's, St John the Baptist and St Mary of the Assumption


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St John's Church Burnley Monthly Family Memorials





Lilian Howe   Margaret Buckley 2023
2nd Jane Waddington and Philip Crowne
3rd Jim Redmond
4th Margaret Rodgers and Tony Nash
6th Jeane Rennie Dougall
7th Christine Smith, Mary Grennan, Monica Rogerson, Brian Whitham and Tony Nash
8th Jean Hartley
9th Lynne Metaxas and David Hartley
10th Louise Houghton, Eddie Cunningham and Ann Duffy
11th Casey Fetigan, Amy Perkins, Joan Gallagher and Pat Flemming Mary Alice Pickles
12th Ken Dolan and Irene Cooney
13th Thomas Walne, Jean Fleming, Tommy McAleese and Betty Carroll
14th Jean Neale
16th Jean Sagar and Joan Crowne John Greenwood
17th Dorothy Rhodes, Mary Agnes Ruddy, Kate Smith and Anne Taylor
18th Edna Henry
19th Anne Ferguson, Annie Frankland and Ann Jackson
20th Betty Unsworth, Winnie Cornett and Alice Taj
22nd Nigel Thomas and Peter Aspden
23rd Bob Smith
24th Edith Watson and Alice Dean
25th Mary White, Clara Balmforth, Joan Bibby, David Moore, Christine Ostle, Peter Macken, Mary Spedding and Mary Christine Harpur
26th Harry Simcock and Kathleen Smith
27th Martin Kelly, Frank Torkington and George Fildes
28th  Patrick Joseph Donnelly 2023
29th Thomas Lloyd and Louisa Macken Winifred Aunger
30th Harold Barton
31st Joan Phillips and Kelly Rose Broomfield
Other January anniversaries: Joan Grimshaw, Elizabeth Stynton, Peggy Guilfoyle and James Redmond Winifred Aunger Rose Duffield






James Sullivan and Terena Hustler
2nd Ann Fleming
4th Mark Dolan, Kazimeira Langa, Tom Macken and Mary Featherstone
5th Norah Morley, Malcolm Robinson, Irene Trundle, Maureen Shaw and John James Cunnie
7th Alan Quinn, Marie Mallett, Peter Quigley and Peter Quigley
8th Mary Morris, Ian Currie and Joe Smith
12th Mary Florence Spencer
13th Bernard Rukin and Stella Leach
14th John Topping and Frank Ingham
15th David Rukin, Paul Whalley and Harry Brierley
16th William Stevenson and Winifred Bacon Brenard Thomas Carnel
17th John Broadbent, Edith McDonald and Martin Peter Henry Marie Green
18th James Henry and Thomas Machin
19th Bert Heap Peter James Mason 2023
20th Ivy Riley and Katie Carroll
21st Sheila Currie, Lily Pilkington, Gerald Taggart, Marian Lewis and Sally Nicholson Maureen Tattersall 2022
22nd Margaret Shannon  William Mullen 2018
23rd Dot Johnston and Roy Grace
24th Edna Winkley and Catherine Gardner
25th John Nicholson, John Jordan, Anthony John Beneduce and Sarah Marie O'Dea
26th Elizabeth Treverton, Brian Wilson, Eric Grimshaw and Eileen Fleming 2018
27th Mary Agnes Fox, Hugh Maguire, Irene Pearson and Mary Dixon
28th Robert Aunger and James Butterworth
29th Bill Geoghegan
Other February Anniversaries: Albert Fell






1st     Nellie Bowness, Colin Edmondson and Patrick Reid-Regan
2nd Louisa Cooke Margaret Shaw 2022
3rd Nora Ingham and Jack Chew Marie Sagar 2022
4th Ann Canning, Ernie Norman and Frances Callaghan
5th Susan Oxley
6th Frank Kendall Iwan Butschok
7th  Mary Deegan 2022
8th Rose Cottam, Sheila Kavanagh, Edward Stewart, Sylvia Quigley and John Haygarth
9th Brenda Walsh, Katie Anderson and Violet Ewens
10th Margaret Lacey
11th Mary Mills
12th Paddy Salmon and Lena Barrow
13th Annie Bryan, Kathy Foulds, Francis Martin Boland, Thomas Church and Dorothy Shaw
14th Mary Ann Gill, Walter Greenfield and Michael Tierney
15th Margaret Baldwin, Bernard Perkins, Katie Douglas and Bernard Sagar
16th Mary Nutter and Jean Holdsworth
17th Elsie Wilkinson and Pam Dobranski
18th Kitty Bennett and Maureen Whitehead
19th Edith Wolfenden, Joyce Charnock, Agnes Wilton, James Lancaster, Ivy Flynn and Kathleen Melvin
20th Grace Thornber and Brendan Kavanagh Clare Louise Fitzpatrick 2022
21st Mary Mulrooney and Theresa Nutter Kathleen Morgan 2022  Peter Bradshaw 2023
22nd Raymond John Griffin Giuseppa Maguire 2024
23rd Janos Farkas

Anne Geoghegan, John Dillon and the Hapton Valley Miners

Michael Thompson 2024

25th Ellen Theresa Smith Elizabeth Feeney 2022
26th Barbara Durkin
28th Michael Kavanagh Patricia Anne Bennett
29th Bernice Lord, Jimmy McBreen and Mary Appleby
31st Benjamin Astin, Roger Ginger, Arthur Berry and Mary Fallows
Other Anniversaries
Marie Green David Rambadt
Patricia Kelly





1st    Mary Rowan, Lilian Sagar, Kitty Carroll, Pope John Paul the Second, Brian Ennis and Eveline Bibby
2nd Beryl Lord Christopher Michael Chambers 2024
4th Sean McParland and Mary Clark
5th John Featherstone
7th Cath Hilton, Sylvia Lawson and Norman Hadfield
8th Wilfred Machin (Snr.), Margaret Gaskell, Evelyne Davis and Janice Cowell John Catlow 2023
9th Brian Snape
10th Maureen Tiernan
11th Renee Burnett and Irene Stott
12th Olive Hadfield, Annie Golding and James Parkinson  Dorothy Gallacher 2023
13th Margaret Chadwick and Rita Macken
14th Joseph Burbridge and Hilda Noble
15th Katie Louise Douglas and the victims of Hillsborough
16th Barry Howorth and Carole Ross
17th Rachel Stansfield  Edward John Ellis 2023
18th  William Iveagh Hustler 1984
19th Chris Meehan, Harry McDermott, Kazimierz Jedd, Kathleen Worden and Douglas Clegg
21st  Eileen Hayhurst 2023
22nd Tom Mulrooney Linda Theresa White 2022
23rd Dr John Patrick Masanjika
25th Bernard Shuttleworth, Bernard Herbert and Seamus McDonald, Eileen Shears and Fred Dixon
26th Albert Tattersall, Walter Atherton, Robert Baldwin and Ann Carney
29th Kathleen Heys, Winifred Quinn and Bernard Hargreaves
Other Anniversaries
Patricia Fildes
Ewward Whalley





1st    Florence Thistlethwaite
2nd Christine Gregory 2018
3rd Patrick Carney, Evelyn Holt and Gerald McGreeves
4th Terry Greenall, Mary Ramsdale, Peter Lincoln and John Wallace
5th Elizabeth Gaskell and Timothy Hayes
6th Ivor Byrom
7th May Hulme, Bob Langston, Mary Teresa Rushton, Richard Wilson and Veronica Blakey
8th Katharina Willwohl, Eileen Pritchard, Barbara Wilson and Tommy Purtill
9th Desmond Lalor, Robert Cheetham and Manuel Lorenzo George Gregson 2022
10th Patrick Kelly, Elizabeth Ruth, Sally Berry, Helen Dillon and Richard Hartley
11th Ann Loftus
12th Agnes O'Donnell
14th Lucy Kewin, Frances Snape and Eleanor Ashworth Ella Heap
15th Derek Taylor
16th Evelyn Flynn
18th Christopher Roberts
19th John McQuade
21st Millie Peach
22nd William Gaskell, Lily Trickett, Ann Chapman and Beatrice Tigue
24th John Oddie and Margaret Forrest
26th Walter Peach, Robert Suthers, Guiseppe La Menza and Angela Cooke
27th Steven Robert Vaughan
28th Margaret Elizabeth Flynn and Thomas Green
29th Bill Duxbury
30th Ken Hampson
31st Emily Giblin and Joseph Finlay





1st     Sam Slattery
2nd  Jean Barnes
3rd  Rita Mary Duerden
4th  David Wilkinson
5th  Bridie Kenny, Margaret Walsh and Jenny Simcock
6th  Rena Gilchrist and Molly Baldwin
8th  William Peter Taylor, Paul Hunt and Brian Tancock
9th  Dan O'Hara
10th  Barbara Jedd and Tina Hampson
12th  Bruce Astin, Frank Carroll and Andrea Thomas
13th  William Kerr, Anthony Joddrell, Marie Slater and Paul Stephenson
Leonard Smith and Terry Anderson
Peter Broxupand Eileen Hutchinson 2017
Francis Neil Summers
17th  Bob Beckett, Albert Gorton and Mary Summers
18th  Agnes Lloyd and Hannah Mary Sagar
John Broxup
20th  Derek Southam
21st  Jack Hunter, Bill Benson and Antonia La Menza
22nd  Irene Cummings, Trevor William Gardiner, Jean-Pierre Soukias and Val Grennan
24th  Harry Riley
25th  Winifred Maguire and Alan Craig Durkin
26th  Rose Hirst
27th  Lucia Butschok
28th  Arthur Gallagher
29th  Ann Cheung, John Marsland, Carolynne Dawes, Claire Purtill and Arthur Callaghan
Martin Norwood and Laurence Norwood
31st  Angela Kelly
Other anniversaries for June:
Peter Francis Reynolds





1st     Thomas O'Hara, Patrick Danaher, Anne Belshaw and John Herbert
2nd  Cyril Woodhead, Doreen Blackburn, Mary Marsland 2013 and Mary Fleming Maria Walsh
3rd  Barbara Halstead, Liam Morrisroe, David and Mary Whitehead, Richard and Nora Whitehead, Matthew Liam Burian
4th  Kathleen Mary Carroll and Martin Mulrooney
5th  Cyril Rogerson and Gerard Hobley
7th  James Byrne and Marilyn Seedall
10th  Marcella Naughton, Leo Fleming, George Gaskell, Elizabeth Redmond, Helen Dolan and Agnes Carlin
Rhona McLaughlin, Margaret Waters and Melinda Draper Marie Greenwood
12th  Lizzie Eastwood
13th  Agnes Hartley, Margaret Lister and Bridget Redmond
14th  Simon Brown Maria Kutty 2020
15th  Josephine McCormack  Fr Francis Jennings 2022
16th  Bernard Quigley
17th  Joe Canning and John Condon
18th  Anthony Trickett, Horace Stuart and Joan Thornton
19th  Elizabeth Smith
20th  Thomas Broadbent
22nd  Val Grennan
23rd  Joe Lambert
25th  Rennie Halstead, Katherine Samuels, John Southam , Betty Cooke and Anne Josephine Griffin
26th  Bridie Stuart and Ken McGeorge
Tena Connolly and Marie Hartley
28th  Roy Jones and Barry Horgan
29th  Ellen Duckworth, Elsie Hobley and Kevin Mitchell
30th  Breda Jordan and Alastair Campbell
Other Anniversaries:
Sheila Delamere





? Thomas Dillon
2nd Albert Ashworth
3rd Michael Macken and Tom Allen
4th Thomas Cummins
5th Catherine Hayes
6th Kathleen Beckett, Kathleen Raw and Alfred Ormerod
7th Thomas Redfern Rose Gardiner 2022
8th Winnie Ridge
9th George Bilocerkowicz
12th Kathleen Bibby
13th Ann Goddard and Eileen Marks
14th Barry Royal and Kitty Walsh
15th Mary Barker Anthony Peter Reid
16th Mary Greathead and Jim Byron
17th Frank Hosker and Carole Cruz
19th Delia Barber
20th Margaret Broxup
21st Derrick Parker and Norman Atkinson
22nd Henry Smith and Derek Whittaker
24th Alan Oldham
25th Rennie Halstead, Raimundo Benito and David Alan Bannister
26th Ruth Angela Jennings
27th Samuel Braithwaite, Margaret Jackson and Paddy O’Neill
28th Raymond Bannister
29th Alice Reid
30th Joe Carlin, Sheila Wright and Leo Eastham
31st Philomena Rawlinson and Margaret Ann Boland





1st    James McClure, Kathleen Fordham, Manfred Sillitti and John Hadfield
2nd Joseph Bates and Irene Fell
3rd Peter Murphy, Iris Hopkins and Kevin Maguire
4th Brendan Francis Salmon
5th Philip Steven Gordon
6th Ian Flynn
7th Eli Harris
8th Stephen Trundle
9th John Barrett Michael Holmes
10th Kevin Bradshaw and Peter Walton Mary Teresa Ireland 2023
12th Andrea Moss
13th  Veronica Wilson 2022
14th Christine Eastwood
15th Mary Forde and Margaret Hill
16th Norah Ingham
17th Joan Skelly
18th Hannah Cole
19th Eileen Mary Swallow
23rd Leo Penswick
24th Patsy O'Dea and Anne Osborn
25th Edgar Bailey
26th Jim Ashworth, Tom Crawford, Patricia Symons, Pat Satterthwaite and Michael O'Malley
27th Christine Morris, Grace Benson and John Michael Green Edith Brierley 2023
28th Tony Stephenson
29th Wesley McDevitt and Martin Canning
30th Victor Coit and Franzisca Mullion





1st    Eileen Roach  Joseph Patrick Ireland 2018
2nd Frank Salmon, Frances Ann Wroe and Jim Stanworth
3rd Edward Kavanagh, William Thomas Wilson, Michael Anthony Brogan and Maria Cristina Gonzales-Summers
4th John Tippen and Joe Bispham
6th Ludwig Burian
7th Trish Buck and May Houston

Nellie Lancaster and Robert Winkley

Patrick Francis O'Hara 2022 Robert Bruce 2014


John Rooney, Jean Woodvine & Peter Bates
10th Jack Driver, Dorothea Shilling and Noel Backhouse
11th Cilla Taylor, Arthur Duckworth, Chris Dwyer and Teresa Murphy
12th Patrick Canning and Michael Patrick Collins Sheila Ingham
13th Harry Backhouse  Kathleen Griffin 2023
14th Evelyne Carter and Josie Allott
15th Esther Heap and Shirley Riley
17th Mary Eastwood Gary Sagar Joan Mary Rukin
18th Martha Hollingworth, Joan Fenton, Neil McNamee and Phillip Backhouse
19th Evelyn Gleeson
21st Gordon Gallacher, Winifride Broadbent, Josie Howarth, Jean Dearden and Ursula Hastings
22nd Harry Brook and Jack Graham
23rd Michelle Haythornwhite and Alan Ashworth Brian Mc Gowan 2022
24th Joe Lord, Norah Barrett, Connie Henry, Sheila Richmond and Kaz Yankus
26th Elizabeth Astin
28th Sheila Bithell, Betty Fell and Arthur Aspden
30th George Thornton and Jack Calvert  Brian Treverton 2023
31st Gertrude Stewart 2003






George Docherty, Maisie Bryson, Elizabeth Isherwood, Peter Sarchet and Stephen Danaher
2nd Nell Smith , Therezia Gallik, Michael Ewens, Theresa McParland and Mary Hunt
4th Annie Askew
5th Walter Macken, Beatrice Rourke and Norah Cunnie
6th John Fairburn, Winifred Kenniford, Maggie Cunningham and Robert Bruce
7th Fran Schofield
8th Roland Brown, Eileen Kendall, Mary Gibbons, Bob Whittle, Tommy Skinner, Eileen Wharton and Bryan Thomas Ward
9th  Joseph Scanlan 2022
10th Desmond Geoghegan, Elsie Whittaker and Eileen Nutter
11th Elizabeth Redfern
12th Ena Southam
13th Winnie Haskew and Monica Atherton  Jean Cunliffe 2022
14th Jimmy Sweeney, David Stroughair and Frances Machin
15th Margaret Smith
16th Albert Duckworth and Les Shaw
17th Richard Broadley and Bridget Decartaret
18th Tom Langton and Ethna Kirk
19th Kathleen Jones, Beryl Smith and Patrick Learoyd
20th Maud White James Thornton Buckley
21st Wilfred Machin
23rd Olive Norris, Frank Durkin, Ernie Wroe and Margaret Quinn 2013
25th John Coates, Alan Heywood, Bernard McKavett, Patrick Cunnie and Anthony Whittle
26th Peggy Donahey, Sylvia Woodward and Mary Backhouse
27th Marie Allott
29th Patrick McInerney and Pete Shackleton  Patrick James Morrisroe 2021
30th Father Jack McQuillan





 1st     Joyce O’Mara and John Cooney
 2nd   John Macken and Bridie Clark  Mary Dillon 2023
 3rd   Harvey Burnett, Jacqueline Wilcock and Frank Donnelly Amy Whalley 2022
 4th   Peter Procter, Linus Gregory Reid, John Gavin and Winnie Thornton
 6th   Joan Stockton, Winifred Thompson, Alice Byrne and Renee Parker
 7th   Mary Williams
 8th   Jack Ramsdale, Annie Lawson, Michael Ennis and Daniel Mullen
9th   Martin McGrail, Rose Wright and Michael Mee
10th   Sara Sarveswaren
11th   Bernard Delamere
12th   Mary Atkinson, Anne Tippen and John Duerden
14th   Mary Heys
15th   Gerald Summers
16th   Sheila Morrisroe
17th   Rose Shepherd
18th   Agnes Howarth Frederick Aloysius Pickles
19th   Anthony Smith, Jack Thistlethwaite and Jack Skelly Stephen Gleeson
20th   Tommy Bennett, Gladys McGlynn and Phil Rowan
21st   Patrocina D’Silva
22nd   Ellen McIntyre and Alan Hayhurst
23rd   Sheila Gorton
24th   Jean Lavelle, Joe Green, Jimmy Grennan and Wyn Tunley
25th   Millie Walker
26th   Mark Holmes and Nuala Woodhead Tina Una Heffernan
27th   John Mulrooney, Arthur Greathead and Margaret Mary Williams
28th   Elizabeth Ellen Pate, Margaret Monteath and Lois Lamle Brian Bennett
29th   Peter Mangham and Eddie Heap
30th   Anne Winkley, Charlotte Hartley, Margaret Banks, David Goddard, Peggy Dick, Eileen Frances Taylor, John Coppock, James Spedding 2022
31st    Karen Collins and Eileen Bailey Peter Haskew 1984
    Other December Anniversaries:
    Paul Tate
    Patrick Rodden
    Ay Duffield
    Rose Stewart
    Kathleen Atkinson
    Albert Stevenson